The most accredited eco nappy on the planet

The most accredited eco nappy on the planet

At Kit & Kin one of the accreditations we are most proud of is the stamp of approval from the World Land Trust. We were making donations to this amazing organisation that protects rainforests before we were making any sales, that’s how important the future of our planet is to us. We know our customers feel the same too.  

For every 10 babies in Kit & Kin nappies, we purchase and protect one acre of rainforest. We are really grateful to all our customers for making the work we do through the Kit & KIn Foundation and the World Land Trust a possibility.

As of today we are beyond excited to announce some further shiny new accreditations that frankly we are going to be showing off about! We are the only eco brand to have all of these. 

The most accredited eco nappy on the planet

Let’s learn about some of the new accreditations, what they mean and why they are so important for your baby’s nappy. 

100% Carbon Neutral Plant, Packaging and Production 

In 2019 we conducted a survey and discovered 70% of customers chose us for our sustainability. When we reached out to speak to some of these customers, they challenged us on the production of our nappies - were we carbon neutral? Although we have always had a plant that was ecologically driven, with renewable energy being a feature, we can now say that the plant is 100% carbon neutral which is a big step - and this also extends to the packaging. A big thank you to our customers for pushing this issue with us.

FSC Forests For All Forever

This great nod from the FSC means that the plant-based materials we do use are from regulated forests. The famous tree tick logo means that you can buy with the confidence that your choice is helping to keep our forests alive for future generations. In the case of your nappy, the chlorine-free fluff pulp on the inside that makes it super absorbent is the part that is FSC certified. 

Allergy Certified 

When you see the Allergy Certified logo on a product it means that every single ingredient and component has been carefully analysed by an independent team of toxicologists to ensure that there is a minimal possible risk of skin allergy. Our nappies have always used only the gentlest materials to be kind on delicate skin, but now you can be extra sure that your baby’s bottom is protected.

Cruelty Free and Vegan 

We started Kit & Kin because we love our planet and the animals that live here. It makes sense for our range to never harm animals and to avoid use of animal by-products. Our materials are mostly plant-derived which is better for baby and our world. 

If this all sounds good to you (and we hope it does!), check out our nappies here!